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Posted by Adam on 23rd April 2013

The long awaited 4th album from The Upbeats is just around the corner, so here’s a few words on what is very likely to be one of the best Drum & Bass albums of the year…

The New Zealand production duo [Jeremy Glenn and Dylan Jones] have always been renowned for their heavy bass lines, tight drums and twisted synths, and whilst this album delivers all three of those things by the bucket load, there are also a few little surprises in there too.

The album kicks off with ‘Beyond Reality’. A big, brash, metallic monster, telling you exactly what’s going to happen over the next 14 tracks and if you don’t like it, you can f**k off. This is followed up by the stomping ‘Drum Stop’ feat. Armanni Reign, ‘Diffused’ and then the duo venture into slower territory with ‘Again I‘ featuring the vocals of Armanni Reign which is a short, sweet but catchy hip hop-esque track. I promise you will have the line “I am not the purpose, I am not the vision, I am not the problem, I am not the Prison…” stuck in your head for weeks to come.

We’re then straight back to business with the next 3 tracks; Monogram, One Step & Thrasher feat. Trei. All of which are absolute beasts but Monogram is the stand out of the 3 for me.

After ‘Interval’ its time for change with ‘Falling Into Place‘. The lads have created a magnificent ambient track that is still full of energy and passion. The riff absolutely kills it – this is definitely one for the liquid heads. It’s a great track to have mid-album too; a change of tone half way through creates a journey and adds to the depth of the album as a whole.

Leading straight on from ‘Falling Into Place’, and one of the absolute standout tracks for me, is ‘Alone’, which we featured a while back as part of the Alone EP. Again things are slightly more mellow here but there is no denying that this is a beautiful piece of music. And I don’t mean a beautiful piece of Drum & Bass, I mean a beautiful piece of MUSIC. The lyrics of Tasha Baxter are sublime and the whole song is beautifully put together.

After track 11 ‘Castles’, which is essentially a skit, we are right back in business with 3 more huge tunes, Tangerines being my favourite, to conclude the album.

In summary, this is a solid album and well worth spending your hard earned cash on.

Release date: 29/04/13

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01. Beyond Reality
02. Drum Stop feat. Armanni Reign
03. Diffused
04. Again I feat. Armanni Reign
05. Monogram
06. One Step
07. Thrasher feat. Trei
08. Interval
09. Falling Into Place
10. Alone feat. Tasha Baxter
11. Castles
12. Tangerine feat. Dose
13. Retrograde
14. Undertaker

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