New Blood 013 [Med School Music]

Posted by Adam on 30th March 2013

Continuing the ever-successful ‘New Blood’ series into the year 2013 and beyond is the next instalment of fresh cuts from a whole new generation of Med School undergraduates. Featuring the undiscovered stars of the future, ‘New Blood 013’ brings together a collection of sounds from the underground and presents them as a 20-track compilation album that will impress electronic music specialists from across the board.

New Blood 013 is available on: CD / 12″ Vinyl (with CD included) / Digital Download from 29th April 2013

00:00 Dexcell ‘Don’t Look Back’
00:17 Engage ‘Tourmaline’
00:22 Optiv & CZA ‘Cabin Fever’
00:28 Derrick & Tonika ‘Aviators’
00:33 TwoThirds ‘Somewhere Vivid’
00:39 Detail ‘Outrage’
00:45 Minor Rain ‘Plasticity’
00:51 Drifta & Static ‘Perception’
00:56 Anile ‘Another Year’
01:02 Etherwood ‘Unfolding’
01:08 Bakai ‘Kaikaki’
01:13 Mr Sizef ‘The Second Before Snow Turns Into Water’
01:19 Minor Rain ‘Mammut’
01:24 Coleco ‘Sentinel’
01:30 Keeno & Whiney ‘Isokime’
01:36 Mr Sizef ‘Subway, Which Is Unknown To Us’
01:41 AudioSketch ‘Eden’
01:47 ThermalBear ‘Take Your Timing’
01:53 Joe Ford ‘Frozen Sound’
02:00 Barefoot ‘Rising & Falling’

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