PREMIERE: Sound In Noise – Duppy Bass (Ram Records)

Here’s something extra special – new music and a new artist on Ram Records. Following on from appearances on previous Ram compilations Estonian producer Sound In Noise makes his solo debut on the label with a wicked new single. Get your ears around Duppy Bass. Follow Sound In Noise Follow Ram Records…

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Camo & Krooked Are Breaking Barriers With Mosaik

Camo & Krooked have been unleashing their unbelievable musical talent upon the world for the best part of a decade now, and their latest album Mosaik is truly revolutionary for the scene. We haven’t heard much of the duo since the weird and wonderful sounds of Zeitgeist back in 2013, however I can only assume…

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Camo & Krooked Launch New Label In Conjunction With Ram Along With Brand New Music

Well well! Be seated children, never fear, yes that is a RAM logo you see beside the once hallowed Hospital duo. And not just a RAM logo but also the logo for Mosaik Musik, their own new label, which will somehow be a part of Andy C’s Goliath imprint (which is now itself backed by…

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PREMIERE: Sphere – Cry For You (Ram Records)

I think it’s safe to say that 2016 has been a shit storm of a year at times and my word has it gone by quickly. The announcement of the Ram‘s 2017 Drum & Bass Annual signals clearer than anything that the year is almost over. As always the album will be rammed (pun intended)…

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Bad Company’s Debut Single For Ram Has Been Unveiled And It’s Huge

The music business is brutal. There are no guarantees and it’s a harsh truth that no matter how influential or innovative you may have once been relevance is never guaranteed (Roni Size’s terrible 2014 album Take Kontrol is a perfect example of that). Combine that with the weight of expectation that comes with being one…

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PREMIERE: June Miller – Hide & Seek (Ram Records)

Ram Records very own masters of organised chaos and fan favourites, June Miller, return with their brand new Let It Roll EP for which they “condensed the full show into five tracks for this next EP”. From the EP we’re delighted and privileged to exclusively share Hide & Seek which is an absolute beast of…

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Teddy Killerz Bring In Some Big Names For The Killer Squad EP

Teddy Killerz have formed their own Suicide Killer Squad, which consists of June Miller, Gridlok, Audio, Icicle, Annix and Counterstrike, for their new EP on Ram and I think you’ll agree that’s quite a list of names to have on one release. Let’s get this dealt with straight off the bat – the tone of…

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Ram Records Are Off To Let It Roll And Celebrate With An Epic EP

Let It Roll is, without doubt, the single biggest event in the Drum & Bass calendar. The Czech festival started in 2003 and now boasts more acts, ravers, speakers, lights and pretty much everything else than anything else in DnB. Making an appearance at the festival therefore is a very big deal and in anticipation…

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Rene LaVice In The Mix For Podcast 022

This is a big one! We’ve got Canada’s finest, Rene Lavice, delivering this months podcast and it’s a furious 60 minutes of the biggest and best Drum & Bass tunes around right now! Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes to keep up to date on all guest mixes & podcasts –

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