We Talk To Posij About His Debut EP On Neodigital

Posted by Adam on 21st April 2017

Hi Frank, how are you? Has 2017 been a good year for you so far?
Hi, yeah 2017 has been a good year so far – been making lots of music. More importantly, Question, how have you been?

Over the last couple of years your popularity has risen significantly and shows no sign of slowing down. Have you been surprised by how fast this has been?
This is not really something I actively think about, but it has been noticeable that people are lately starting to ask me if I’m Posij or treat me like I’m a famous person. And I’ll tell you what I tell them; “I have no time for you right now, are you even aware how important I am?!”. I let the boldness sink in for a few seconds and then I sprint off into the sunset.

So the big news is that you’re about to make your debut on Neosignal with the Attention EP. How did you end up working with those guys?
I spoke to Florian (Phace) in Fabric once and he sent me an email a while later asking if I would be interested in making some music for his label. Him and Michael (Misanthrop) basically gave me total freedom to come up with something and that turned into these 4 tracks :D

The EP features a mix of styles with the wonky, half time track Ecstatic being my favourite, how did you decide which tracks to include?
I had about 7 or 8 demos reserved and Flo, Michael and I picked out 6 of those to turn into actual songs. Along the way 2 of those merged and became one – and another one I decided on using for something else. So, these 4 remained and lived happily ever after on Neodigital. The End.

Is there one style of music you prefer making or do you make whatever you feel like at the time?
I mostly just make whatever I feel like. The composition or sounds I come up with usually dictate me to go towards a certain direction, so it’s not completely predictable.

What’s your current studio setup at the minute? Is there anything on your wish list that you’re dying to get?
I run a spectrogram on a really old Win XP at all times, so that I can always see what frequencies I hit (great for tuning drums). The computer I run Cubase on is getting a bit outdated, so I am definitely saving up for a new PC. I’ve been fortunate enough to have Noisia’s old Adam P22A on loan and I got a pair of Audeze LCD-2 from the awesome people at Audeze – these headphones are absolutely incredible. One thing I’m dying to get is an upgrade in sound card (currently Focusrite Saffire LE) and a new studio PC.

What tracks are currently smashing it for you when playing out?
Kiril – Bring the Bass has been smashing it. I have this little part where I have 3 tracks playing simultaneously, including this one.. That’s a lot of fun to do while DJing.
Envenom – Killer Bass, this track can be mixed in ever so gently and will absolutely destroy when timed right. There isn’t a lot of jump up that really gets me going just like this one does.
Baauer – How Can You Tell When It’s Done. I mean, come on… One day I’ll have a beat that hits as energetic and cool as this… one day.. #lifegoals

Thanks, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Jennifer Lopez is almost 50 lol. Oh, and apart from my Attention EP – go check out the remix I did of Noisia’s Sinkhole, I put a lot of effort in to that as well and feel honoured to be on their remix album!


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