We Talk To Digid About His New EP On Halogen Music

Posted by Adam on 31st January 2017

Belgian producer Digid recently released his Gun Talk EP on Halogen Music (for which we were lucky enough to premiere the lead track) so I grabbed him for a chat about the EP and what we can expect from him this year.

Hi Jeroen, how are you?
I’m good, chillaxing at home with some fine wine trying to do this interview between making some new beats in the new studio :-)

2016 was a busy year for you, any personal highlights?
One of the things I will not forget of 2016 is playing at Rotterdam in the Maassilo (Factory 010). It was on the tenth floor of the huge building, on the Pacha Mama Soundsystem with 8 scoops. Playing on such a powerfull thing is incredible plus in such a nice venue! And showing all my different styles is always nice, the love from so many labels is something that keeps you going. It makes you want to make more and better tunes. What amazed me aswell was that almost all my vinyl releases were like instant sold out. People seem to like all the different things I do :-)

How’s the scene out in Belgium? Is there a lot of interest in music like yours as well as the more mainstream sound?
In Belgium the scene is allright but like everyone would say, it could be bigger. Only the bigger events have a big crowd, the smaller parties seem to attract less people. I feel that most of the Belgian producers aren’t getting the same amount of bookings like a few years ago, same for me. Every genre has it ups and downs. So yeah there’s interest in my music but not like a few years ago when I had a gig almost every weekend. It’s not like that anymore in Belgium, maybe it’s because I make so many different things, people are afraid to book me because they don’t know what to expect or something hehe. I feel that I get more appreciation of my music outside of Belgium right now. I stay a bit under the radar but I don’t mind, I produce the music that I like at this moment.

You’re solo debut on Halogen Music is just around the corner now, how did you end up working with those guys?
The first thing I made for Halogen Music is already a few years old now and Julien (the label owner) asked me for a track for a belgian compilation. As friends of mine decided to do a track for the compilation, I said allright I’m in aswell. That was the first contact with Julien. The second time was for a remix of Afia. Before that he was asking many times if I would like to do a solo EP for him, I mean like really alot! I first thought that he was in love with me but then I saw he had a girl so I was safe :-) After many times asking for some solo work I finally decided to do this EP and put a collab with TMSV on there.

The title track of the EP, Gun Talk, is ridiculously good – have you been getting a good reception to it when playing out?
Well indeed, the response is amazing! I started this track more than a year ago and I had uploaded a clip on SoundCloud because I couldn’t resist myself hehe. When I played in Austria at New Years Eve, someone asked me to play that track. It amazed me that already someone was asking about that track that I had uploaded for a week orso. Been getting really nice feedback about the track and it’s definitely one that deserves a rewind if the crowd asks for it.

The other 2 tracks on the EP are more downtempo – do you prefer making music at a lower bpm or do you work at whatever speed you fancy at the time?
Well actually every track on the EP is the same BPM, just by creating a specific atmosphere you can make a track sound fast or slow. That’s what I did with the other ones, or just by putting the snares at irregular places makes it sound completely different. But I do enjoy making music at different bpm ranges. My music goes from reggae, dub to dubstep, jungle, footwork,… I try to produce what I like and it’s bass heavy music, doesn’t matter to me what bpm it is. Last year I made and released alot of dubby vibes that went from 140 bpm to 160 so I just do whatever I like (music wise that is hehehe).

You’ve collaborated with TMSV on Gates – can we expect more collaborations from you 2 in the future?
For the Halogen Music EP, I did send TMSV a few WIP’s I was working on. I asked him to choose whatever he liked the most and that would become the collab for this EP. He said let’s finish every WIP I like and let’s see which labels are interested. So it’s possible that this year you’ll see some more collabs from us. But at the moment we don’t have any new collab finished, I’ll have to talk to him about it again. I’m really bad with contacts, keeping in touch with everyone is a must in the music scene and I really suck at it :-)

And finally what can we expect from you in 2017?
Well I have a release ready for Albion Collective, one for ZamZam Sounds, waiting on the vocals for a release with my bredrens from Dubbing Sun on Archetype Records. All these releases are more dub and dubstep. I think this year you’ll see some more 160/170 vibes aswell, Diffrent Music asked me to do some more of that stuff for them. Made some remixes aswell and working on some atm but can’t really say much more about that right now because there are just no details ready yet.

Thanks mate, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
I would like to big up my bredrens Dubbing Sun for all the collabs we made last year. All the labels that supported me by releasing my music: Lion Charge Records, Moonshine Recordings, WhoDemSound, Diffrent Music, Through These Eyes, Halogen Music,… Special thanks to J:Kenzo because he shaped the path I’m going now by releasing so many of my music that got people’s attention. Everyone that supported me in any way, much love to you all xxx

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