Bad Company’s Debut Single For Ram Has Been Unveiled And It’s Huge

Posted by Adam on 12th November 2016

The music business is brutal. There are no guarantees and it’s a harsh truth that no matter how influential or innovative you may have once been relevance is never guaranteed (Roni Size’s terrible 2014 album Take Kontrol is a perfect example of that). Combine that with the weight of expectation that comes with being one of the most respected and revered names in Drum & Bass and you’ve got yourself one tricky comeback.

The announcement that Bad Company were back together and had signed to Ram got everyone excited, and understandably so – that is a big deal, but there was also some trepidation. With Ram now part of BMG and their track record of being the source of pop crossovers the concern was that we would we end up with some half arsed, crossover wet lettuce tunes that would be a middle finger to everything they achieved the first time around or maybe something generic that would disappear in a matter of weeks much like a lot of Ram tunes have over their last 12 months of unrelenting releases.

If I’m honest I was skeptical about their signing to Ram; I expected the worst and when their remix of The Prodigy’s The Day Is My Enemy was revealed I was underwhelmed. If I played this to you without you knowing it was a Bad Company remix you’d never guess it was them. It was generic and lacked any of the originality or excitement that they were so well known for. It was ‘meh’.

So my expectations were low and I was ready for their first outing on Ram to be more of the same.

I. Was. Wrong. Get your ears around this.

Their new track Nomad, as premiered by MistaJam just a few hours ago, brings back that raw, unrelenting and exciting sound that we love Bad Company for. That analogue grit and the fact that it hasn’t been over polished and over produced (a trap that Calyx & Teebee fell in to) makes this a real gem of a tune and retains the Bad Company sound whilst being relevant to the as it is right now.

More of this please fellas!

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  1. Tiffany Bowley November 12, 2016 - 10:19 pm Reply

    This track is incredible. It takes me on a journey, similar to driving into a festival, hearing a rhythm while still in the vehicle , stepping out and getting smashed in the chest with the bass and then that beautiful crazy journey as you go through security and find yourself in the heaving throng of people on the dance floor.

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