GLXY’s Expressions & Impressions is Simple, Elegant Liquid

Posted by Ben on 16th September 2016

The vast majority of Drum & Bass artists have come from London; Andy C, Goldie, and DJ Hype alongside hundreds and hundreds more. Not all of them have heard their music become popular though, but lots have, and some of the latest to join them are Jonathan Campbell and Tom Alston, AKA GLXY, AKA two guys that have  been smashing it in the liquid world for just over a year now.

They’ve released music through Med School and Soulvent Records, but the duo’s newest EP Expressions and Impressions is landing via Spearhead, and it’s a bit of a corker. Now, I know there are some people out there who don’t enjoy the more ambient, rolling side of  Drum & Bass and I can understand why. There isn’t the same aggressiveness or unavoidable in your face aspect to GLXY, but the pair were voted the One To Watch in 2016 by UKF for a reason, and that’s their impeccable production level and the simple but elegant way in which they construct their music.

Expressions and Impressions is exactly that; simplistic in nature but at the same time holding enough sway to seriously impress. The title track does a great job setting the benchmark for this, the introduction’s filtered drums and spacious piano chords lay down the tone for both the track and the full release. This tune is effortlessly smooth and GLXY have done a fantastic job tidying up the lower end, the swelling bass line is like a river, providing all the depth and making this track so pleasant and easy to listen to. The vocals make this one, and I definitely doubt this’ll be the last time we hear the London based singer songwriter over some Drum & Bass.

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The piano is a constant companion throughout this EP, and Luminescence uses a beautiful piano section in conjunction with ethereal vocal samples to bring some serious melancholia to the table. It’s understated, almost sad, and there’s a big focus on echoing ambience here so expect your mind to wander and your thoughts to drift. A part I love about this tune is how crisp and clean the drum section is, its pretty important with a track this ambient because there isn’t much of a bassline to hide behind but GLXY have nailed it here.

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The boys have done a great job with this one, the EP is sleek, well polished and shows off all the best qualities that they have to offer in their music. This one is for those who like their liquid a little bit deeper, a little bit slicker and a little bit more atmospheric. Pick it up from the 16th of September on iTunes.

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