L 33’s Debut Album ‘Karate’ Kicks Off With The Karate EP

Posted by Adam on 10th March 2016

Bulgarian producer L 33 is someone whose music I’ve been following for a couple of years now, he produced one of the biggest tunes in 2014 too as it happens, so I’m very happy to see him finally releasing his debut album. The prelude to which is the Karate EP, a sampler to the forthcoming Karate LP.

The sampler sees L 33 return to Eatbrain, pretty much the go to label for the biggest and best neuro these days, and the 4 track sampler EP gives us an insight into what is shaping up to be a very, very strong album.

3 of the tracks are big, hard hitting tunes, which you’d expect really, however it’s not a one punch combo as the real treat lays with the track Zealot. Whilst still a massive track the vibe is simpler, it rolls nicely and is by far the best track of the 4. I hope there’s more of this to come on the full album which will be released next month.

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