Who Is Dawn Wall? The Answer Is….

Posted by Adam on 1st September 2015

…that I don’t know and it seems like no one else does – or if they do they are keeping it a closely guarded secret. There’s been a lot of speculation around who this mysterious, new producer is – I’ve heard people suggest Lomax, DJ Zinc, the 2 blokes that left Commix, Burial and even Dean Gaffney (those last 2 may have been added in by me…) but speculation is a lot like masturbation; it’s fun for a while but you’re never really going to get anywhere wit it so let’s just have a little look at the 2 Dawn Wall releases so far…

Our introduction to Dawn Wall, which we know consists of more than one person as they use “we” on their Facebook page, was the You Remember EP. It’s 4 tracks of smooth, sultry, liquid DnB and almost definitely not the work of a noob.

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This was then followed by their 2nd and most recent release – the Kythera EP which gained a much quicker and wider response from the scene and that response was “f**k me, this is good”. Along with the silky sounds of their debut EP this time around there was a bit of bite, some grit to get into and again, we saw that it was good.

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So, enjoy some properly good, ego free music and speculate wildly until your hearts content.

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  1. Lisa September 2, 2015 - 1:10 am Reply

    :P I’m quite nosy, hate secrets & things kept from me so this is driving me nuts!! Grr….
    I think it’s only one person, my top guess is Crissy Cris. He mentioned something about his career going in a different direction musically, that he thought it’d be great fun to go in this new path with another stage name in an interview regarding his last show for BBC.

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