Tephra & Arkoze – Exile EP [Proximity Recordings]

Posted by Adam on 9th April 2014

Prox060 Sees new artists Tephra & Arkoze return to Proximity with a deadly impact.

Here we see the duo issue a clear warning shot with the “Exile EP”, four clear standout concrete slabs of stripped out darkness representing the absolute knife-edge of forward thinking Drum & Bass.

Cyclone kicks of the E.P and confidently steps its way through a low end sonic assault, a clear lights down low, eyes front stormer to keep the heads nodding, heavily reverbed fx and percussion work in unison with an abundance of mysterious atmospheric undertones to open the E.P perfectly.

Next up the track “Illusion” draws upon more light layered superbly against a very healthy contrast layer of healthy and heavy Bassline and chord stabs.

“Remorse” continues the stride down the path of the EPs deep ethos with plenty of breathing space, which effortlessly allows the eerie vocal tones and hollowed out square bass to cut through like a stanley knife through skin.

EP closer “Trapped” strips everything back; effectiveness here lays in simplicity, finely crafted percussion in perfect measure across the full 3 dimensions of the sonic spectrum round off a very accomplished body of work and illustrate why Tephra & Arkoze are a favourite of us here at the Proximity Camp and names to watch out for in the future.

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