Mutated Forms – Eighty Six EP [Pilot Records]

Posted by Adam on 19th September 2013

With its 20:20 vision set firmly on the future, Pilot Recordings continue to fly the world’s floors to the most exciting pastures of electronic music.

Following agenda-setting, critically acclaimed releases from the likes of Buku and Ambassadeurs comes this elephantine EP from the hugely talented Mutated Forms crew.

Hailing from Estonia, but based in the UK, the trio have enjoyed serious spotlight time in the last 12 months with their distinctive, genre-smelting blends of bass on labels such as CIA, Hospital, Grid and Spearhead. And the heat’s about to get even stronger with this feisty five-tracker.

Frivolously frolicking around the exciting 80/160 axis, each of these cuts shows a whole new side to the collective. Making references to trap, grime, house, dubstep, D&B and even cheeky shades of early jungle, each of these tracks are unlike anything you’ve heard from them (or anyone else) before.

‘Stealth’ lives up to its name by way of a seductively slow tempo. Purring and prowling with looped-up, cyclical mischief, it breezes with an air of deep south paranoia.

‘Tension’ ups the ante with an air of grimy drama. Conjuring up similar feelings of aggy menace that you’d find on a Virus Syndicate cut, things take an exciting turn as classic jungle breakbeats enter the blend midway. Dynamic and distinctive, it sums up just why Mutated Forms are respected as much as they are.

With its smouldering bass-drenched riddim and rising gated hook ‘Swamp’ is an instant hype tack. Teasing and teasing with its series of builds, it’s guaranteed to cause commotion… Only to settle your floor back down again with its dreamy breakdown.

‘Change For You’ adds a little soul sophistication into the blend by way of an authentic, emphatic vocal. Armed with deep synth washes, tight snare rolls and a robust, pneumatic rhythm we climax with one of the trio’s most emotional breakdowns to date.

‘Blop’ completes with set with flip-switching strong-armed grit. Opening with cool nuances of guitar and airy pads, you expect to be boosted into D&B hyperspace. Instead we’re pushed mercilessly into a pit of halftempo, grimy, war-faced bass. With its swaggering kicks and processed vocal textures, it’s Mutated Forms at their most sonically sincere and savage.

Flying the floors to uncharted pastures since 2012: Pilot Records have plotted its most unique flight path to date… Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Release date: 23/09/13 – Click here to preorder

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